Consumer Debt Protection AttorneyAs you may be experiencing, there is a consumer debt crisis in America. Numerous Americans find themselves trapped by high-interest credit card bills, medical bills, and the challenge of keeping their homes.

Faced with this unprecedented crisis, individuals and families often seek the assistance of professionals to help them settle their credit card and medical debt or renegotiate their home mortgages or car loans. These companies offer to fix your problems for a fee that you often have to pay up front. Unfortunately, debt settlement companies, loan modification firms, and attorneys seek to enrich themselves from your personal debt crisis as an opportunity.

Consumer Debt Settlement Solutions

In the States of Washington and Oregon, complaints to regulatory agencies about unlicensed individuals or companies are less successful. The attorney general’s office has a consumer complaint mechanism as does the Department of Financial Institutions. Neither has proven very successful at pursuing out of state companies in particular.

There are statutes that provide potent ammunition against consumer debt scam companies. The Washington Debt Adjusters Act and the Federal Trade Commission’s MARS rules are the primary tools you can use. There are also the old-fashioned common law remedies of breach of contract and fraud. Further, malpractice claims can be made.

Consumer Debt Attorney Benefits

It is in your best interest to consult and retain our consumer debt attorneys. We are experienced in this type of recovery and who will work on a contingency basis. We work with you to understand your challenges and facilitate the best outcome for you. As your attorney, we generate more respect from the consumer debt scam companies and crooked lawyers. They know that the matter will likely be effectively pursued.

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