In response to the pandemic, Governor Inslee ordered that non-essential businesses be closed. That appeared to be decisive action geared toward this major crisis.  However, the Governor has failed to create an enforcement mechanism, and so many businesses have flouted the order, putting their employees at risk.

An artistic glass warehouse continues to operate despite the order.  When one of its employee’s repeatedly objected to the unsafe working conditions, they were fired.  They then complained to the Attorney General’s Office about the flouting of the Governor’s Order.  The Attorney General’s Office told her to call the Governor’s Office. The Governor’s Office told her to complete an online complaint form. She did that, and received an email telling her to contact her local police department. The ex-employee dutifully called the Seattle Police Department, expecting humanitarian action.  Instead, SPD refused to do anything.  Nothing was done.  The warehouse continues to operate.

We understand that this is what is going on all over the state.  No one is enforcing the Order.  Businesses continue to operate, and put their workers at risk, as they see fit.  Now, if you park in a no parking zone, the police will still take prompt action. But to save someone’s life, they will do nothing. Good work Governor Inslee.

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