A sale of a real property estate of less than a leasehold of two years unexpired term and a sale of a vendor’s interest in real property being sold under a real estate contract shall be absolute. In all other cases, real property shall be sold subject to redemption, as provided in chapter 6.23 RCW. RCW 6.21.080

In actions to foreclose mortgages on real property improved by structure or structures, if the court finds that the mortgagor or his or her successor in interest has abandoned said property for six months or more, the purchaser at the sheriff’s sale shall take title in and to such property free from all redemption rights. RCW 61.12.093

RCW 6.21.080

(1) Real property sold subject to redemption, as provided in RCW 6.21.080, or any part thereof separately sold, may be redeemed by the following persons, or their successors in interest:

(a) The judgment debtor, in the whole or any part of the property separately sold.

RCW 6.23.020

“…judgment debtor or any redemptioner may redeem the property from the purchaser at any time (a) within eight months after the date of the sale if the sale is pursuant to judgment and decree of foreclosure of any mortgage executed after June 30, 1961, which mortgage declares in its terms that the mortgaged property is not used principally for agricultural or farming purposes, and in which complaint the judgment creditor has expressly waived any right to a deficiency judgment, or (b) otherwise within one year after the date of the sale.”

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