The SNAP program provides critical revenue to your business. Is the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) threatening to take your SNAP eligibility away? Have you received a letter from the USDA charging you with trafficking and threatening to take your SNAP program away? We can help guide you through the maze of federal bureaucracy! Our Experienced Attorneys will help you to prevent disqualification or the civil money penalty that the USDA Food Nutrition Service wants to impose. The USDA often wrongly labels EBT transactions as “unusual, irregular or inexplicable” and tries to punish businesses based on that determination. We can help clear this up so that you can keep processing SNAP benefits and keep your business running.

The USDA also holds you responsible for your actions and the actions of everyone who works in your store, whether they are paid or not. If you, your employees, or your family breaks the program rules, you could lose your permit, be fined, and be subject to criminal prosecution. Do not try to explain the situation to the USDA on your own. Go to an attorney experienced in dealing with the USDA and the SNAP program. The program is too important to your business.

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